Occupy The Hood Aims To Draw People Of Color To Occupy Wall Street

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Occupy The Hood Aims To Draw People Of Color To Occupy Wall Street.

  1. When Ken and I were down at Occupy Seattle there were a couple of groups meeting and discussing issues like this. There was one group called “People of Color against racism” and another called “White people against racism” and they were each having meetings with about 20 people each.

    It is interesting that this article brings up non-verbal language, “The Black people I know have a practice: When we see each other in public places, we give each other a nod, just a polite, silent ‘hello, what up, I see you,'” said Rahsaan. “The first time I went down to the Occupy Wall Street thing in Zuccotti Park, I tell you, there was no head-nodding. There were no black people at all.” This seems like an important issue when dealing with creating a new place, which essentially what OWS does, it creates a new place out of an old one.

  2. After reading this article I was inspired to look through the pictures on the “we are the 99%” tumblr : http://wearethe99percent.tumblr.com/ to see how race was represented there as well as in the mainstream stereotypes of who the protestors are.
    In the tumblr, from the images of people that have their faces (fully or partially) shown it seem to portray a largely white group, which can be construed as falling into the image of OWS as “white hippies.”
    OWS is a movement, but it is also rooted in bodies.

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